Located in Warren, Pennsylvania, Concerto Law is legal counsel and strategic business advisor to businesses and nonprofit organizations.  Find clarity amind the clutter of information overload.  Concerto Law offers legal solutions that break through the noise distracting you from running a successful, thriving business or nonprofit.


Here is how it works:


Accomplish Your Objectives

When Distinguishing Between the Forests and Trees Matters

You want the solution to your problem; not cookie-cutter advice.  Together, we discuss your industry, goals, competitive threats, and other pertinent information.  I learn about your industry (at no charge to you) so I can understand your specific business environment and competitive challenges.

You receive advice tailored to your specific needs, goals, risk tolerance, and budget.  If you wanted generic advice, you would search the internet.

Practical, Strategic Advice

Reach Your Target With Practical Advice

Solutions must be practical, strategic, and affordable, otherwise you will not implement them.

Legal advice must be realistic.   It must consider your goals, competitive environment, risk tolerance, and budget.  Each business is different.  The “right” answer for one business or nonprofit is not always the “right” answer for another, similar business or nonprofit.

I provide candid answers to your legal questions and advise you of the benefits and risks of each solution after having considered your particular needs. ​

I Speak Your Language

When You Prefer Conversation Over “Dialogue”

You want clear answers in terms you understand; you don’t have the spare time to learn the language of legalese, nor do you want to.  You want a meaningful conversation about strategy and resolution.  Save unproductive, business-speak “dialogue” for seminars.

Legal advice and documents are a waste of your time and money if you cannot understand the legalese. Too many attorneys hide behind intimidating legalese to distract from the content of the document.

I speak the language of your business and will ensure I fully understand the technical terms you employ so you receive legal advice and documents that best protect your interests.


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