Skilled Attorney Serving Nonprofit Organizations Throughout Western Pennsylvania

At Concerto Law, our Warren, PA nonprofit attorney is an experienced and effective advocate for clients throughout the nonprofit sector. We are committed to providing practical advice and personally tailored solutions. If you have questions about not-for-profit law in Pennsylvania, we are here to get you the answers that you need. For a strictly confidential consultation with a skilled nonprofit lawyer, please do not hesitate to call our Warren law office or to reach out to us directly online.

Services We Offer to Nonprofit Organizations


We have experience providing guidance to organizations throughout the entire nonprofit cycle—from formation of a new entity to fundraising and expansion to the transition or winding down of an organization. Whether you need representation with a specific complex matter or you simply want an ‘attorney-on-call’, we are ready to help. Among other things, our Warren, PA nonprofit lawyer assists clients with:

  • Formation of Nonprofit Organizations: Forming a nonprofit organization is a complicated endeavor. At Concerto Law, our Pennsylvania nonprofit law attorney will help you select the proper legal structure and complete all applicable formation documents. We will help you build a strong foundation for your organization so you can best support your cause and your community.
  • Tax-Exempt Compliance: There are important state and federal regulations that you must comply with to obtain and maintain tax-exempt status. Failure to do so could undermine your not-for-profit organization. Our Warren, PA nonprofit lawyer will help you complete IRS Form 1023 and IRS Form 1024—ensuring that your organization can access tax-exempt status. If you have questions about tax-exemption in Pennsylvania, we can help.
  • Charitable Solicitation Registrations (CSR): Under the Pennsylvania Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, not-for-profit organizations that are raising money from state residents must comply with charitable registrations requirements. We can help you set up the proper structure so that your organization can effectively solicit contributions in Pennsylvania and beyond.
  • Employment Law Matters: Nonprofits in Warren are still subject to most federal and state employment regulations. There is often a complex intersection between employees and volunteers. Your organization may benefit from comprehensive employee handbooks and volunteer handbooks.
  • Nonprofit Governance: The day-to-day operations of a nonprofit organization can be complicated. Nonprofit governance is similar, but not identical to corporate governance. We can help you ensure that your organization is the best position to achieve its goals while protecting its interests.
  • Contract Management: Many not-for-profits enter agreements with third parties. Whether you are working with employees, independent contractors, vendors, or other organizations, our Warren, PA nonprofit lawyer can help you negotiate, draft, and execute contracts. If you have questions about contract management, we are prepared to help.
  • Nonprofit Dissolutions and Transitions: Nonprofits in Pennsylvania have goals. By nature, some nonprofits are created for temporary purposes. Other organizations may need to transition into a new stage. We assist nonprofit managers with these matters. Whether a key employee is departing, the entity is transitioning to serve a new purpose, or the nonprofit is winding down, our law firm can help.

Why Trust Pennsylvania Nonprofit Attorney Christine Kuntz


As an experienced nonprofit law attorney, Christine Kuntz is committed to helping organizations protect their interests and solve problems in an efficient and effective manner. We work hard to ensure that our clients are able to focus their time and money on their core purpose. Working to establish long-term client relationships, our legal team will help you find sensible solutions. When you reach out to our office, you will speak to a Warren nonprofit lawyer who will: 

  • Meet with you to discuss your nonprofit law matter;
  • Listen to your story and answer your questions;
  • Devise a customized legal strategy designed to achieve your goals; and
  • Take action to protect your rights and interests. 

Your organization deserves personalized guidance from an attorney who will put in the time and attention needed to understand the situation and provide personalized guidance. We know that most nonprofit organizations are dealing with major resource constraints. As such, our goal is to offer cost-conscious legal representation that solves your problems and fits within your budget. 

Call Our Warren, PA Nonprofit Attorney for Immediate Assistance

At Concerto Law, our Pennsylvania nonprofit lawyer provides strategic, solutions-focused legal counsel to nonprofit organizations. If you have any questions about nonprofit law, we can help. To arrange a completely confidential initial consultation, please contact attorney Christine Kuntz today. Located in Warren, she represents not-for-profit organizations throughout Pennsylvania, including in Warren County, Erie County, Crawford County, McKean County, Forest County, and Venango County.