I counsel a lot of new nonprofits.  After they come down from the high of seeing their new nonprofit officially formed, they stall.  That’s when they call me asking what to do next.  So, here is an infographic showing you the first 5 things a new nonprofit must do if it wants to succeed.

5 Things New Nonprofits Must Do

Here at Concerto Law, we love to counsel new nonprofits.  You started a nonprofit because you wanted to help people (or animals or the environment or the world).  Unfortunately, just because you built it doesn’t mean that anyone will come.

So how do you move your new nonprofit from idea on paper to a growing and thriving organization?   Simple.  Invest in our strategic legal and business advice.  We’ve seen the good and the bad and can help you avoid some of the mishaps that are common to new nonprofits.

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