Amplify Your Brand With Strategic Trademark & Copyright Registration.

Discover the Value of Your Brand

Protect your most valuable assets. Register your trademarks and copyrights.

I help businesses, freelancers, and nonprofits protect their brand through strategic trademark and copyright services.

Concerto Law offers an affordable way for small businesses and nonprofits to register trademarks and copyrights.  We will review your brand portfolio.  Once you are confident in your brand portfolio, I will apply for the necessary trademark and copyright protections.  I also offer monitoring services so you can discover infringement before it compromises your business strategy.

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Trademarks Simplified.

 A registered trademark protects your brand from the competition.

Here’s a secret:  Nearly 80% of trademark applications fail.  This means that only 20% of business filing an application successfully register their trademark.

Why?  Registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires specialized knowledge.  Most businesses try to save money with DIY registrations or using an online non-attorney service.  The statistics show that this is not a wise use of your time or money.

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 It’s Your Work. Don’t Let Others Steal It.

Copyrights can be an important source of revenue to businesses, freelancers, and individuals.  Protecting your copyright through registration provides additional financial remedies in the event someone unlawfully uses your work.

Concerto Law teaches you how to protect your creative works, such as writings, videos, software, blog content, podcasts, digital artwork, and more.

Here are some of the commonly requested services:

  • Copyright Registration
  • Content Licensing
  • Stopping online infringement with the power of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Stop offline infringement with cease-and-desist letters
  • Work-for-Hire agreements to ensure you reap the profit from the creative work

Our solutions and strategies will place you in the best position to develop, maintain, and protect your creative works.

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Respond to Infringement.

Stop infringers before they damage your brand.

Registering a copyright or trademark is not the end.  You must continually monitor and protect your brand.  Concerto Law teaches you how to monitor your brand and provides carefully crafted responses to infringement situations.

You spent years growing and nurturing your business.  Don’t allow copycats and infringers sabotage your customer base.

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