Practical Advice for Nonprofit Organizations

Planting The Seed:  Nonprofit Formation

A thoughtfully crafted formation process allows you to devote more time and money toward your mission

You have a fabulous idea to serve a need in your community but need assistance in forming a nonprofit organization.  That’s where Concerto Law comes in.

I help you choose the appropriate business structure, file your formation documents, draft bylaws and governance documents, apply for tax-exempt status and many of the other un-sexy and complicated tasks of forming a nonprofit.

I remove the hassle, time commitment, and frustration of forming a nonprofit.  Let me take care of the details so you can focus on developing your mission and supporters.  With my quick turnaround, your new business can be up and running in no time.

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Manage Risk

Identify your risk tolerance and manage risk within your comfort level

Tax-exempt Compliance​

Tax matters, generally dreaded by the public, are actually one of favorite legal matters to work on. With my experience navigating the federal tax laws and Pennsylvania tax-exempt requirements, I can guide you through these confusing and difficult processes.


Though nonprofits often mirror the business world, governance is one of those pesky areas in which the rules are difference.  Do you understand conflicts of interest, the duty of loyalty, and the duty of care?   Smart organizations look to Concerto Law to ensure compliance with these governance matters.

Contract Management

Financially viable nonprofit organizations borrow traditional business practices.  In order to stay open and serve your mission, you have to manage you risks and contracts just as diligently as for-profit businesses do.

I help nonprofits manage their operations with legal contracts crafted specifically for their industry and risk-tolerance.  I teach you how to how to evaluate and respond to risk.

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Access On-Demand General Counsel

On-call attorney advice when you don’t have a staff attorney

Nonprofits face just as much (or maybe even more) pesky legal issues as for-profit businesses.  Don’t go it alone.  I serve as your outside general counsel (aka attorney-on-call) and I save you time and money so you can move on with your mission.  Located in Warren, Pennsylvania, Concerto Law serves nonprofits across all Western Pennsylvania.  With remote technology you can be assured of a quick response.

Don’t go it alone.  Don’t try to find the answer on Google.  You probably won’t find the right answer.

Instead, contact Concerto Law.  I fill the gap when in-house counsel is not feasible or necessary.  I have the answers and solutions to your legal questions.

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Transition To The Next Phase

Smart organizations plan for succession and transition

Founders depart.  Key employees and management teams change. Sometimes your mission changes or support for your organization wanes.  Maybe you accomplished your goals and do not know where to go next.  I guide you through the legal complexities of these transitions.

Don’t just wing it or rely on advice you find on the internet.  Let Concerto Law successfully guide you through your transition.

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