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Christine Kuntz in Intellectual Property

Why Should I Register A Trademark?

I already registered my name with the State.  Isn’t that enough? Many people think that registering your business with the state gives you the exclusive right to your business name or slogan.  This is not true. State registration is a tax matter.  The state wants to keep track of who is doing business in the...

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How to Legally Use Copyrighted Material in Advertising

Do you use photos, videos, music, or infographic in your advertising, social media, or website? Unless you are an intellectual property law geek like I am, there’s a good chance you may be unintentionally violating copyright law. That’s not good for business. So, let’s finds out how to legally use copyrighted material in advertising.   Copyright...

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Can I Trademark the Name of an Event?

Clients often ask if they can trademark the name of an event, such as an annual fundraiser, art festival, hackathon, or conference.   Yes, you can trademark the name of an event if you meet the general requirements for a trademark. How To Trademark An Event Name While you cannot trademark the activities that occur or...

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How to Check if a Business Name is Available in Pennsylvania?

Clients often ask me how to check if a business name is available in Pennsylvania.  Rightfully so.  In order to register your corporation, nonprofit, partnership, or LLC in Pennsylvania, you must have a name that is distinguishable from the other registered businesses.  On a more practical level, you want to check name availability before you...

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4 Benefits of Protecting Your Business’s Intellectual Property

Starting out, many entrepreneurs do not think about registering their intellectual property.  Others think it is not worth spending the time and money. After all, whenever you start a business, money is extremely tight; whatever isn’t directly helping you keep the lights on isn’t essential, right? Unfortunately, this line of thinking is a common mistake...

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