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How to Create Enforceable Online Terms of Use

Many online businesses want to limit their legal risk.  They publish Terms of Use on their website to limit warranties, control how and where claims can be made, and identify when they can revoke users’ use of the site.  Are these agreements enforceable?  Read these tips to learn how to create enforceable online Terms of...

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How to Legally Use Copyrighted Material in Advertising

Do you use photos, videos, music, or infographic in your advertising, social media, or website? Unless you are an intellectual property law geek like I am, there’s a good chance you may be unintentionally violating copyright law. That’s not good for business. So, let’s finds out how to legally use copyrighted material in advertising.   Copyright...

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The Difference Between Bylaws and Policies

Is your board of directors arguing about bylaws and policies?  Is there are difference between bylaws and policies? Yes, there is a difference.  Determining which it should be is not that difficult.  The answer is usually apparent if you consider the different purposes of bylaws and policies. Bylaws​ Bylaws are the primary governance document of...

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Christine Kuntz in Nonprofit Organizations

How to Dissolve a Nonprofit in Pennsylvania

Has your nonprofit reached the end of its lifespan?  It happens.  Funding dries up, the mission is accomplished, or more nimble nonprofits overtake the space.    Whatever the reason, when a nonprofit no longer wants to operate, it cannot simply close its doors.  Instead, there is a legal process to dissolve a nonprofit in Pennsylvania....

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