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Quick Guide to using a DBA name in Pennsylvania

Clients often ask about “doing business as” names, commonly known as DBA names.  Given the confusion, I have put together a quick guide to using a DBA name in Pennsylvania that applies to both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. What is a DBA name? A DBA name is another name for a fictitious name.  It is...

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Does My Website Need A Privacy Policy?

Clients often ask whether their website needs a privacy policy. If your website collects personal information from its users, then yes, you need a privacy policy.  (This applies also to apps, so pay attention!) What Laws Regulate Online Privacy? The US regulates children’s online data privacy through the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.  Unlike Europe...

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Can I Trademark the Name of an Event?

Clients often ask if they can trademark the name of an event, such as an annual fundraiser, art festival, hackathon, or conference.   Yes, you can trademark the name of an event if you meet the general requirements for a trademark. How To Trademark An Event Name While you cannot trademark the activities that occur or...

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